Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Today. Today is a pointless day. It’s a day that people imitate us. Every time I see people celebrating today, I get angry; especially angry at you. Because, I would wait for you with more desire than that girl waiting for his boyfriend, I’m sure more than you would. And still, I’m still waiting for you with desire, I want you to come back. To be honest, I miss you calling me “babe” but I don’t want to remember the day we said “It is over.”! Today, I looked at all the couples in the eyes, to figure out how many of them were looking at each other with “love”. Even though they tried to block my view, I saw. I saw that their happiness was nothing compared to ours. I think I got jealous too. Because, they were sitting at the places we sat, they were doing the things we did, beautiful views were now theirs to enjoy.
Now, my best friend is my bed, with our photos all around, our songs in the background, the couples imitating us everywhere and the sadness in my tears. You’re reminding me of us from everywhere. The happiness we’ve had, my longing and the loneliness in my tears, all your marks.
Since we are over, I get to know loneliness more than I knew you. I’m fighting with myself, I’m missing you even more, I’m crying even more. I’m draining.
Today. Today is hurting me. When they show their love to spite me, I’m getting angrier at you.
What a stupid day. Today is our last day.

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