Friday, 26 August 2011

One day.

You're gonna have a life, without me in it. Because you're gonna have 'your life' and you're gonna be 'her life'.

One day, you're gonna let her love your eyelashes. She's gonna enjoy playing with your hair. She's gonna cook for you, you're gonna watch TV with her, watch movies underneath the warm blanket in her arms. Your nose is gonna be touching her neck to smell her, your lips are gonna kiss her. You're gonna walk around holding each others hands tightly. You're gonna hug her in your sleep. You're gonna tell her about your dream while you're heaving breakfast. You're gonna go to movies, watch games and she will be jealous of some of your friends. Then she's gonna meet your friends, your friends are gonna like her, you're gonna go out for drinks together, celebrate birthdays. You're gonna go on holidays, and maybe on the last day you're gonna sip your wines at the beach and make love everyday. You're gonna make love with someone else! Sometimes you're gonna play video games together, then go out for a freshening walk. You're gonna plan your overseas holidays together. You're gonna play with dogs, get some as pets. You're gonna have a house together. With someone else. Your mum's gonna buy her presents, she's gonna cook her favourite meals and ask about her. You're gonna love her so much. You're gonna fall in love with her madly. You're gonna love her. Her hands, her face, her body, her hair, her smile, her thoughts, her jokes, her everything! You're gonna love her.

And I'm gonna be sad. But it's gonna be better, I'm gonna get over it.

One day, I will have a great life too. I'm even gonna have 'my life' and I'm not gonna mention your name anymore. Because he will be 'my life' and I will be 'his'.

One day..

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