Friday, 26 August 2011

First love is something like this.

Life. A big dark hole that we don't know what's in it. But what gets you to be so attached to that mystery hole? Lots. Think about it; your childhood, your family, your friends.. Oh, and the biggest moment of all; first love. With your first love, you start believing in love, you have unforgettable times, you feel like flying, your world changes, your head spins. You feel drunk but you never wanna be sober. You just wanna hold his hands, looks at his eyes and listen to his heartbeat. First love becomes your fairytale. You never wanna sleep, you don't wanna dream. You wanna be awake and make the dreams real with him. You wanna marry him, build a family, a home, be with him forever, but it doesn't happen. He leaves, you cry. You lose your faith in love. Life makes no sense to you anymore, you don't even wanna live.
-Be careful, if you try being friends with him, he might not want it, because "he is a man and has pride".- 
You wait for him to come back one day, he doesn't. Time goes by and you become friends, even best friends. You look at the old days together and laugh. But still, there would be a twitch in your heart every time you're with him. Because he is your first love, he is special, the most precious. Who knows, maybe he will be your most precious love forever.

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