Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Her lips..

If I knew you were gonna be by my side again by looking at your eyes, I would never treat you like I did before, never. If I did anything wrong, I would fix it. Even if you didn't love me, I'd make myself loveable to you. And, we wouldn't break up that day. I wouldn't have to tell people how hard it was, I wouldn't fight with my tears and desire. We wouldn't break up.

You never told me about pain, when you were teaching me about love.

I wouldn't have the cuts in my heart. I promise it would never be this way, if it was to be again.

Or maybe it'd be the best if we never loved each other.

Please give me patience. Please be patient. Please stay with me. Please be with me, maybe the future will fix everything. Just stay with me.

I can't help what I'm going through. You didn't stay with me through my hard times.

When you're kissing her lips, please remember me.

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